Easy, efficient and secure document scanning for companies

There are plenty of modern services that require identification of the user, and since more and more work is done remotely these days, getting this ID is becoming more and more straightforward. Whether going into the bank office to see your account, or creating a new bank account from home, the method used to check a customer’s identity can actually be rather simple. For example, it could consist of simply scanning the identification with a smart-phone camera and submitting it to a verification service. Easy and secure document scanning is a crucial tool for businesses today.

Efficient and hassle-free handling

Since there are no special requirements other than a valid official identification card (e.g. passport, driver’s license, national identity card), this technique is easy as well as cost- and time-efficient to use. This easy way of scanning and sending the document combines with either manual or automatic reading of the submitted material, providing a safe way to verify a customer’s identity.

Secure processing of personal information

When using scanned documents for identity verification purposes, safe storing of data is always a top priority, and proper encryption of all material is necessary. This ensures that the data does not end up in the wrong hands, and it is, of course, a baseline function in the systems that are used for remote identification via document scanning.

Top three reasons to use digital document scanning

  • It’s quick — no need to wait for postal services, the scanned document can be transmitted anywhere in no time. If needed, the document can also be viewed by operators at different locations, which further reduces processing time.
  • It’s cost-efficient — saving time often saves money. By cutting the wait, the identity verification can be sped up, whilst kept at the same rigorous level of safety. Moreover, a budget for shipping is no longer necessary. Neither is the need to handle incoming and outgoing mail and parcels.
  • It’s green — since this method uses no extra transport of goods or even people, it saves not only time and money, but also the planet.